like a rock god when i'm the one who's making a sexier, female version of Prince when I'm dancin' to it (haha)....totally depressed, totally free, totally happy....anyone who loves music knows that it can go any way, depending on what it is you're listening to.
good food, good people, dirt cheap, most beatiful place on earth
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Worldshine. New faces, exotic places.
For some, an exotic trip can be the one with your son/daughter to a neighborhood park, for others it is a inter-tube ride down they Mekong river or a helicopter ride to one of Greenland's glaciers. Regardless of your travel experience, Worldshine aims to make your travels not only more interesting but more efficient. For those who know exactly where they want to go and who to go with Worldshine has a entire suite of travel tools to make planning your journey simple, cheap and enjoyable. For others Worldshine will allow you to explore the uknown, enabling you to meet people from all around the world and explore personal accounts of exotic destinations.

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